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(More than 500 articles about tongkat ali and better physical relationships in general)

Tongkat ali raises testosterone, makes for better relationships, and improves overall health

By Serge Kreutz

Genuine tongkat ali, not the scams that dominate the market, is much more than a health-supporting herbal. By putting them back into the relationships arena, tongkat ali gives aging men a complete new quality of life. Human existence is not just about reaching a long lifespan in good condition. It’s about optimal relationships for the whole duration of one’s life.

Because of tongkat ali’s impact, we receive many comments and inquiries about it. The following mail, we received from a user in early June 2006. It is reprinted with permission, but without giving the name and email address of the sender. Both are on record. Before making them available on a case-to-case basis in private correspondence, I would certainly ask the sender whether he will agree to this.

Here the report of one user whose life was changed by tongkat ali:

I just wanted to thank you for your life-altering tongkat ali information. I’m sure that you are flooded with inquiries and I’ll keep this short and to the point. I am 58 yrs old, overweight, mildly diabetic and:

* I’ve suffered from erectile dysfunction for over 20 years and had initially good results with Pfizer’s Blue and Lilly’s Beige, [but] favorable results have declined
* Low libido (sometimes non-existent)
* Overall health has dramatically declined
* Arthritis in the knees
* Low/no relationships marriage (13 years) due to my inability to get an erection
* Most recently, depression has set in with a complete sense of “worthlessness”

Then I discover tongkat ali (thanks to your website)

I spent many, many hours over the course of 1 year reading up ontongkat ali after first reading your site. Finally, three months ago I ordered bulk tongkat ali 1:50 extract. You’re correct, horribly bitter, but I have become accustomed to it now. Here is what has happened since beginning with .5 gram per day, slowly increasing to 2 grams per day. (I’ve tried 3 and 4 grams per day)

* Spectacular, amazingly, (not only rock hard, but continuing to swell), erections that almost get painful because of the expansion
* My organ curves “up” to 2 o’clock position (haven’t seen that since my early 20’s)
* The glans “balloons” so large, that now, my “normal” glans size is the same as my glans size is at the moment of orgasm
* While on the subject of orgasms: I know that every male can remember a few times in his life (I remember 3), when the circumstances were just right, the girl was beautiful, the excitement was so high and prolonged that the resulting orgasm was ……..well, lets call it “mind numbing”, Now, with tongkat ali every………….single…….. orgasm, is not only “mind numbing” but I ‘d go so far as to add: Toe Curling Earth Shattering Mind blowing Ecstasy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In addition
* My amount of ejaculate volume has at least doubled, sometimes tripled (I now “squirt” again instead of “dribbling”)
* Orgasm duration: doubled, tripled (adding to the toe curling, earth shattering mind blowing experience)
* After 3 months diabetes is non-existent
* Sinus allergies disappeared
* Facial wrinkles and furrows reduced by at least 50% (my wife was the first to notice this)
* Facial beard growth increased to the point that I again need to shave twice daily (same like in my early 20’s)
* Nose and ear hair growth substantially reduced and/or stopped (known indicators of low testosterone levels)
* Arthritis knee pain significantly reduced to the point where pain meds are no longer needed
* High energy
* Losing weight
* No more moments of depression
* Relationships Relationships Relationships and more Relationships
* When I’m not having relationships, I’m thinking about relationships, when I’m not thinking about relationships……..well, nm, I’m never NOT thinking about relationships anymore !!!
* The sight of some nice cleavage causes an erection (just like in my teens……..WOW)
* My testes gently throb continually, and a nerve that is located somewhere deep internally that seems to originate from somewhere near my stomach and goes downward to the deep internal part of my organ and continues toward the glans on the underside of my organ,…….continues to “throb” most of the time! It’s actually quite a pleasant feeling.
* I’m constantly aware of my genitals. As I’m walking, my organ and testes seen to be “leading the way” (kinda cool, and again like my teens)
* I’m again weight lifting with amazing results

Well, that’s it, and thanks again

Tongkat ali extract solubility

By Serge Kreutz

The active ingredients of tongkat ali are quassinoids. Quassinoids are natural plant chemicals that belong to a larger group of plant chemicals named terpenoids. Terpenoids are lipids. Lipids is the scientific name for fats. Fats are, as a rule of thumb, not soluble in water. (One of the biological important characteristics of fats, and lipids in general, is their insolubility in water). Lipids bound to protein to form lipoproteins. That happens all the time in nature and the human body. In the human body, fats have to be bound to proteins so that they can be transported in the blood stream.

The exact form in which quassinoids are attached to other substances in the tongkat ali root has not been researched. But they are not isolates. When extracted with water and heat, the quassinoids disattach from the root tissue, just as the fat in a chicken leg disattaches when the chicken leg is cooked. The chicken fat swims on top of the water. The fat isn't dissolved in the water. It's the same for the quassinoids of tongkat ali root. That the quassinoids can be extracted by water doesn't mean that the extract would be soluble in water. If the water is removed after extraction, there will be an oily film sticking to the dish, just as in the case of chicken fat after a chicken leg has been boiled.

The extraction process used water, but that doesn't mean that the resulting product would have a high degree of solubility.

We at Sumatra Pasak Bumi have a definite problem with fakers of our products. Some claim that their own 1:200 tongkat ali extract is of superior quality and superior purity, and cite as proof that their substance is fully water-soluble. But if their substances are fully water-soluble, then they are not quassinoids, and if they aren't quassinoids they are also not tongkat ali.

Read about marijuana and tongkat ali extract for meaningful relationships


Read a tell-it-all about Indonesian 1:200 extract (and a psychopath on the prowl for killings)

Tongkatali.org's Attracting rich foreigners to poor countries

By Serge Kreutz

More than anything else, attracting rich foreigners to poor countries is a business model for local elites. Poor countries nowadays have a competitive edge in trading freedom. It is something local elites in poor countries can sell to rich people in developed countries where freedom gets ever more curtailed.

Local elites can sell life in save enclaves of not-so-safe countries if at the same time there is a high degree of personal freedom, or absence of liberty-restricting law.

This doesn’t have to benefit local poor populations, or if, then only on an alibi level. It’s not about local or national development.

In the world today, a if the elites of a poor country want to attract foreign money, they may consider attracting foreign people with money.

If local elites make a country as attractive as ever possible to rich foreigners, they will come, even if it costs them more money than being somewhere else. After all, money is what they have, and they can’t take it with them when they die. Therefore, the idea is to be an attractive destination, and then to let them pay substantially for being there.

The idea is not new. Switzerland, which some 200 years ago was one of the poorest countries of Europe, thrived on it when it became a favorite destination of the rich from imperial powers such as England and France. And in Switzerland, they are, until today, more concerned about attracting rich foreigners, rather than the factories owned by rich foreigners (they don’t mind the offices, though).

But more can be done to attract rich foreigners than what the Swiss have practiced for more than a century. Something, which, on the other hand, would have made little sense some 100 or 200 years ago.

A country that in today’s world wants to draw rich foreigners should not just be attractive, but sexually attractive. This recommendation would have been meaningless some 100 or 200 years ago because much of the world was anyway not sexually regulated to the extent it is today.

Yes, in Victorian Britain (and in Britain ever since), relationships conduct was regulated to a considerable extent. And yes, of many Islamic communities even centuries ago, the same can be assumed. But for much of the rest of the world, relationships conduct, as long as it was not violent, was of little interest to governments.

This doesn’t mean that these societies would have been sexually free-wheeling. While there were fewer government-issued limitations, nature imposed hers in the form of hardship and disease, and a low level of self-cognition meant that people where restricted by beliefs in gods and ghosts.

Today governments concern themselves with the marriage and divorce behavior of citizens, and with whether a married person can have relationships with somebody else. Governments also regulate whether people who are old enough to enjoy relationships should be allowed to do so, or which age discrepancy constitutes a criminal act. Governments also go to great length evaluating the conditions under which people who have a relationships relationship exchange material items.

And furthermore, government policies in more and more countries undermine the privacy of relationships relationships, actively by spying on citizens and passively by allowing unrestricted press coverage of people’s private lives, thus inciting sexuality-based hatred on a mass scale.

Hand-in-hand with all the above goes the erosion of the sovereignty of more and more smaller countries. Not only do larger Western countries pass and enforce ever more extraterritorial laws dealing specifically with relationships conduct; the police forces of Western countries also are to an ever larger degree directly involved in prosecuting in poorer countries those of their citizens who break the law of the country whose passport they hold, and not necessarily the law of the country where they are prosecuted.

A business model for local elites in poor countries could be to attract comparatively wealthy foreign residents by providing an environment that is best suited for optimal relationships experience. Wealthy foreign residents could pay substantially for the privilege of being there.

The country should not be a direct democracy where envy towards rich foreign residents could be exploited by local populists.

Agents of moral imperialism should not be allowed to operate within the country: no foreign NGOs, no UN, and no foreign police.

The press should be kept under control. The press should be held responsible for unfavorable social conditions it causes by irresponsible reporting. Permits to stay for foreigners involved in religious activities should not be renewed.

Apart from the legislation on violent relationships legislation should be kept at a minimum. No perversities of the law, such as “statutory rape”. This doesn’t mean that every behavior that is currently classified as statutory rape should be legalized. But the law should use a terminology that describes a relationships transgression (if the behavior is defined as a transgression) as what it is: “consensual relationships relationship with…. ” sound very different from “rape” even though the laws of many Western countries no longer differentiate between the two.

Allowing marriages at a local registrar without requiring any information but the names of the two people who want to get married would be attractive.

Allowing divorces by any party appearing before the registrar and stating the wish that a previously registered marriage be divorced, woyld be attractive, too.

All necessary measures to ensure relationships health within the population increases a country’s overall attractiveness. For governments that have the will to do so, the technologies are readily available to keep relationships diseases at almost zero-level.

All birth control methods could be made available free of charge. Other health care must not be free.

No commercial nightlife (brothels, night clubs, relationships bars) sould be allowed. They would not attact foreigners of quality, but onky lowbrows. But other entertainment venues where people can mingle and start relationships relationships should not be restricted.

No artificial limitations on the extent to which men and women engage in relationships relationships for material benefits are needed. It is natural that in a relationships relationship, the wealthier partner provides material support for the less wealthy partner.

The business model outlined here should make it easy, but expensive for foreigners to become permanent residents.

Foreigners could be allowed to run businesses on low flat taxes categorized by the kind and the size of a business.

Tongkat ali elevates testosterone, and testosterone controls blood pressure

By Serge Kreutz

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is the number 1 killer. People who die of heart disease usually have had high blood pressure for years.

The same is the case with death or disability from strokes. Usually, there was high blood pressure for years before the cerebrovascular event occurred.

High blood pressure can also lead to vascular dementia.

Do something, before it's too late.

Exercise will help. And not being overweight.

Both are aspects that are related to testosterone. Men with higher testosterone tend to exercise more, and when they exercise more, they are less likely to be overweight. They will also have lower blood pressure.

Things are interrelated. Even in non-exercising subjects, testosterone counteracts weight gain.

And even in non-exercising subjects, tongkat ali raises testosterone. No surprise then that tongkat ali helps in weight control and lowering blood pressure.


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